Flight Of Defiance

August 1985, and a worldwide superstar meets a local legend; Michael Jordan came to London to visit the Brixton Topcats.

Fresh from a dazzling first season in the NBA and a Rookie of the Year title, Michael was fast becoming one of the most iconic names in global sports. That off-season he was invited by legendary coach Jimmy Rogers to visit the Brixton Recreation Centre in South London, and train with the Topcats: the youth team Jimmy had founded the year before.

Informally dubbed “The Bishop of Brixton” by locals, Jimmy’s tireless commitment to his community mirrors Brixton’s wider radical history of protest and uprisings against racism, police intervention and political exclusion, and the DIY spirit in Black British culture. Now a new generation, still inspired by Jimmy’s community work, are uncovering new forms of excellence.

Credits: archive, production, copywriting